Meet the Four Kicks – Kings of Leon Tribute

Rob Lea

As Caleb Followil

Rob is a fantastically gifted vocalist. If you are looking for anyone to replicate the gritty, searing tone of Kings of Leon’s frontman, we think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who could deliver them with the same convincing and heart-felt passion – besides the man himself of course.

Other than playing in a Kings of Leon tribute act, Rob is a full time musician performing at events up and down the country.


Lead Vocal, Rythm Guitar

Favourite songs to perform live:

Supersoaker, from the album Mechanical Bull
Use Somebody, from the album Only By The Night
California Waiting, from the album Youth & Young Manhood

Matt Goodger

As Matt Followil

Matt has spent a lot of time perfecting the Kings of Leon guitar sounds, ranging from the heavier riff driven earlier albums, through to the more atmospheric tones from ‘Because of The Times’ onwards.

“the guitar is so integral to the Kings of Leon sound and I love the way it’s used so creatively in their music – this is what inspires me to perform their songs on stage”.


Backing Vocal, Lead Guitar

Favourite song to perform live:

Find Me, from the album WALLS
Taper Jean Girl, from the Album Aha Shake Heartbreak
Pyro, from the album Come Around Sundown

Alex Godbold

As Nathan Followil

Alex delivers that punchy kick drum and cavernous snare sound we all know and love from Kings of Leon’s records.

A technically gifted and versatile musician with an excellent feel, Alex also performs in a tribute to Rage Against The Machine.



Favourite songs to perform live:

Knocked Up, from the album Because of the Times
Time in Disguise, from the album When You See Yourself

Tom James

As Jared Followil

Tom brings the low-end to the party, filling out our sound with the powerful, deep bass tones that drive the audience to move their feet.

“Jared’s basslines are so creative and are a lot of fun to play – Kings of Leon songs just wouldn’t be so special without them”.


Backing Vocal, Bass Guitar

Favourite songs to perform live:

Closer, from the album Only by The Night
On Call, from the album Because of the Times